Eric Johnson



Eric Johnson

   Eric Johnson's stone sculptures and bronzes can be found in outdoor public sculpture gardens and many private collections. 
   In 1982 he opened the Redstone Art Center in the Colorado Rockies just west of Aspen.  Carving in his studio, next to the gallery, he became famous, drawing art lovers from around the world who enjoy the opportunity to visit with a true artist and sculptor at work.
  Drawn back to the Oregon Coast in 1997, his inspirational source, he prefers to stay close to the environment best for him to work and live. 
  In 2001 and 2002 he was invited to participate in month long international sculpture symposiums - the first in Lebanon and the last in Russia.
  In 2003 Eric and his wife Sherry opened the Johnson Gallery in Port Orford, Oregon. Eric's studio is behind the gallery and you are welcome to watch him work on his current sculpture. 

"Lovers" in white marble

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Eric Johnson sculpting in marble



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